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The name is Bradshaw, Carrie Bradshaw..

The style and the attitude of Carrie Bradshaw of the 6 season long Sex and the City doesn't seize to inspire me although the famous series has ended 16 years ago!

Styled by Patricia Field and played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Carrie has a very distinctive style that can't be described with a word or two. She's usually very feminine but has her tomboyish moments too. She can be girl next door one day and the belle of the ball the next.

One rule that applies for all her looks: MORE IS MORE. She doesn't shy away from the big statement looks and enjoys the attention these outfits draw. 

Key notes from her wardrobe include: a big fur coat (make it faux please!), giant floral brooches, mixed prints of all sorts, floral dresses, mid-riff baring tops, heels that make a statement, full-skirt dresses and of course a gold name plate necklace.

Lets dissect and analyze and implement her key looks.


Although hers are vintage, the real fur idea still gives me the cringe. There are definitely really nice faux options for us to consider these days. Although fur is a winter item, she doesnt hold back from wearing hers with open toe sandals. She wears them on top of her dresses, button down casual shirts, vintage skirts, animal printed boots and even pajamas. 
A cozy, comfortable faux fur coat takes an outfit from point A to point B. It's a must-have,  timeless piece year after year.


Carrie Bradshaw How-To 101 Lesson # 1 : The more noticeable the flower, the better!

As a focal point, a flower is sometimes attached to a head band, on a plain white tank top or a LBD, an 80's inspired dress, on the lapel of a fur coat or a Parisian striped top. When all else fails, she'd just put a flower on it to save the day.

You must keep floral brooches of many colors in your wardrobe for those rather bland days and outfits. I've tried it and trust me when I say it even helps shift attention from a bad hair day.

She doesn't only go for floral as a singular focal point, she also loves floral prints in many shapes but especialy in dresses. 

Making sure the waist is either cinched with a belt or simply fitted, she pairs her floral dresses with high-heels for an elongated silhouette. Romantic, feminine, floral dresses are never out of style and can take a girl from day to night with ease.


For a lovely lady figure she wears dresses and skirts with full volume. As the series comes to an end, you will see her opt for this silhouette more often. 

This is a life saving shape for women of all different body types and height and it has a classy flare to it too.


In the years when the nameplate necklace was considered "ghetto fabulous" Carrie stepped up and made it just fabulous. Hers  had a tiny diamond on top of letter "i" to give it a bit of pizazz. 
Worn with couture suits, a LBD, a simple cami or vintage dresses, the nameplate necklace is worn with everythin throughout 6 seasons.

Wear by itself, layer it, dress it up or down. The nameplate necklace is a lifelong friend and a timeless piece. 


As a fan of Carrie, I have to talk about her shoes. For Carrie, the shoes mean heels almost always. I know they're not necessarily comfy but we have to admit, as uncomfortable as the are high heels do make any outfit look more glamorous which is what we all want. No pain, no gain. Am I right? 

Bright, shiny, accesorized, strappy, pointy, sometimes mismatched but always heeled shoe collection of Carrie is what makes her. 

Let's not forget, more is more. So let your shoes reflect that. Don't be afraid of heights, colors or extra shine. You know what they say "Give a girl the right shoes..." you know the rest :)

Any suggestions on who our next Fashion icon is?

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Fashion Icons

The year 2019 wasn't so great until we had 2020, am I right? 

I cheerfully counted down the last seconds of the previous year hoping to fullfill at least half of my new years resolutions all of which stopped making sense early in the year because of the Covid-19 madness. 

By now, wearing a pair of jeans or a casual dress at home feels as glamorous as wearing an evening gown on the red carpet because pajamas are now the globally accepted form of uniforms.

While having my morning coffee early this afternoon in my pajamas I COULN'T HELP BUT WONDER; Will everything pick-up where we left off before this crisis began or will this pandemic re-shape the trends in the fashion industry? It's hard to tell. 

One thing I know for sure; iconic figures who are renowned for their timeless fashion sense are always safe to look up to when we merge from the quarantine. 

So I decided to start a Fashion Icons Series. I'll start with my favorites of course. Matter of fact, I left a very obvious hint in this post about who my first fashion role model is... Any guesses? 

New York Moda Haftası defilesine Corona Virüsü damga vurdu! - Yedilik