25 Nisan 2020 Cumartesi

Fashion Icons

The year 2019 wasn't so great until we had 2020, am I right? 

I cheerfully counted down the last seconds of the previous year hoping to fullfill at least half of my new years resolutions all of which stopped making sense early in the year because of the Covid-19 madness. 

By now, wearing a pair of jeans or a casual dress at home feels as glamorous as wearing an evening gown on the red carpet because pajamas are now the globally accepted form of uniforms.

While having my morning coffee early this afternoon in my pajamas I COULN'T HELP BUT WONDER; Will everything pick-up where we left off before this crisis began or will this pandemic re-shape the trends in the fashion industry? It's hard to tell. 

One thing I know for sure; iconic figures who are renowned for their timeless fashion sense are always safe to look up to when we merge from the quarantine. 

So I decided to start a Fashion Icons Series. I'll start with my favorites of course. Matter of fact, I left a very obvious hint in this post about who my first fashion role model is... Any guesses? 

New York Moda Haftası defilesine Corona Virüsü damga vurdu! - Yedilik

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